Your Weekend Video Challenge!

Your Weekend Video Challenge!

Happy Friday!! I hope you guys have had an AWESOME week. Today I have a question (and a challenge) for you.


What’s stopping you from creating content??

People often don’t create video (or other types of content) because they’re scared to put themselves out there. We’re afraid they’ll look bad, sound dumb, or say (or write!) something others will disagree with.

And who wants to be wrong…in public???

I’ll let you in on a secret: I struggle with this too!

But you know what? We have to get past that fear. We have to learn how to stop caring what other people think, stop worrying about presenting our point of view, and overcome the fear of being wrong.

Know what happens when you don’t create and share content? No one ever sees or hears it! And I know you’ve got something–a story, an idea, some amazing knowledge–inside of you that somebody out there needs to hear RIGHT NOW.

So today, I have a challenge for you: Get out your phone, flip the camera, and HIT RECORD.

Get over any insecurities you have about yourself. Stop worrying about how you’ll look, what you’ll say, or who will see it, and just start filming. Then upload it! Put it out there! The world needs YOU. Someone needs to read or hear what you have to say.

And what better time to start shooting than this weekend? It’s Friday, and we’re heading into a weekend full of Halloween festivities. There’s plenty to film, so take a few minutes to do that! Just turn that camera on and get started today.

Need some video help or have a question? Give me a shout at or follow me on Facebook. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  • I needed to watch this.

    • Toréa Rodriguez

      Yes! I want to see your video! 🙂 Me too, btw. Need to shoot this weekend

      • Wes Wages

        Torea! How’d it go? Film anything?