Prep Your Course!

Prep Your Course!

Over the past few months, I’ve focused my blog posts on how to create great videos for your business using just your smartphone and essential pieces of gear you can get on a shoestring budget. The videos I post here are created in the exact same way, so you can see the results in action.

It’s amazing what you can create with the tools you have in front of you right now. And it can be way too easy to put off creating your videos because you feel overwhelmed and unprepared. But it’s really a lot easier than you think!

That’s why I’ve created something I can’t wait to share with you: a free, 7-video training series called Prep Your Course that will give you the tools you need to prepare for filming your very own e-course.

Video is a great way to get your message out to the world, and Prep Your Course will give you all the tools you need to set yourself up for e-course success. And how awesome is it that you can create professional-looking videos for your business, blog, or vlog?

Prep Your Course will teach you how to…

  • Plan ahead to film your course in one weekend
  • Effectively outline your course content prior to filming
  • Structure each video for maximum impact
  • Set a price for your product that works for your audience…and for you
  • Overcome the fear of selling your course


Getting your hands on this mini e-course is super easy. Just put your name and email address in the form below, and a new lesson will be delivered directly to your inbox every 3 days.

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Prep Your Course is part of my new, in-depth training series, Film Your Course, which is launching very soon. Click here to be the first to know when it rolls out!

I can’t wait to hear what you think! You can comment here, email me at, or join the discussion threads on each video in Prep Your Course. Don’t wait–the best time to start is now!


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    Hi, I subscribed to your course, but can’t access it.