How to Prep Your Camera Before Shooting

How to Prep Your Camera Before Shooting

Wes here. This week I made a little video with some tips on how to prep your smartphone’s camera for filming.

We’ve all been there: you have some great content that you’re ready to shoot, but you keep running into issues with your phone–like notifications interrupting your shoot, running out of memory, or lowered video quality.

Luckily, these tips are pretty simple, and they’ll help you create better videos for your business with as little fuss as possible. Check ‘em out!

1. Close out all open apps.

OK, so full disclosure–I don’t do this myself (whoops). But do as I say, not as I do, right?? Right. So I highly recommend clearing out all your open apps. To do this on your iPhone, double-tap the screen, then swipe the apps to close.

2. Charge your battery.

How much of a bummer is it to have this amazing idea you just HAVE to shoot RIGHT NOW…but your phone battery’s on 15%? It’s a pretty big bummer. You don’t want a low battery when you start filming, so go ahead and charge it now.

3. Make sure there’s plenty of space on your phone.

I know you’ve got a ton of photos and videos stored on your phone, so just make sure the memory’s not maxed out before you start filming. You can upload your files to the Cloud to back them up. I even made a couple videos about backing up your data, so check out your options.

4. Put your phone on airplane mode.

What can airplane mode do for you?? Well, for one (really BIG) thing, it eliminates all the interruptions and distractions that normally come from your phone. You won’t get a flood of Facebook notifications, emails, Slack alerts, or calls from telemarketers (you’re welcome for that last one).

5. Get FiLMiC Pro!

I use the FiLMiC Pro app to film on my iPhone, and I love it. It displays battery life, the amount of space left on your phone, and allows you to change levels (like audio and exposure), all in one place. It’s not too expensive, so check it out!

6. Hold your phone horizontally.

Let me ask you an important question: Do you ever see a vertical screen in a movie theatre? NO. (And I hope it never happens.) Filming vertically with your phone camera is OK on platforms like Snapchat, but for videos on YouTube, your website, your e-courses, or even videos of your family, PLEASE shoot horizontally.

7. Don’t use your digital zoom.

The digital zoom feature on your phone lowers the quality of your video. Instead of using it, resist the urge and zoom with your FEET. Use those two fantastic feet to step closer or further from your subject.

8. Lock exposure.

This tip is so useful, I even made a video about it! Check it out.

BONUS TIP: Share on social for accountability!

Before you start shooting, hop on Facebook Live (or anywhere on social, for that matter) and let your audience know you’re about to film a video. This keeps you accountable for creating that content and putting it out there.

So stoked to see what you guys create! Share your stuff below in the comments, or email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!