Getting the Courage to Film: What’s the Secret?

Getting the Courage to Film: What’s the Secret?

How do you put yourself, your story, and your message out into the world? How do you handle the anxiety of pushing that record button, knowing that you’re presenting yourself, along with all your “stuff”, to (potentially) thousands of people? Pretty uncomfortable, right?

Getting the gumption to pick up your camera and start filming isn’t easy, but it’s essential. The world needs your story, your message, and ultimately, YOU. So today, I’ve created a video to help you get motivated.

Check it out!

First of all, don’t worry about producing perfectly polished videos. People care a lot less about quality than they used to (even though it still means a lot!). Now, they’re more concerned with content.

At Armosa Films, we spend time creating a quality product; that’s our livelihood. But what’s more important to us–and to our clients–than quality is the story and the content of the films we create.

So let’s say you’ve got some great ideas for content, but are nervous about getting on camera and releasing your ideas into the world. Map it out! Create a simple storyboard, then prep for filming by going over it until you’re comfortable (but don’t spend your energy memorizing too much data or scripting yourself).

If you don’t have a specific topic or story plan, just pull out your phone and start a Facebook Live video. Talk to your audience, clients, or even friends. Talk about something that’s been on your mind, or just give them a glimpse into your everyday life. Be yourself and have fun with it!

No matter how you feel about it…no matter what your emotions, your anxiety, or your self-consciousness tell you, just put the camera in front of your face and hit record. There’s really no way to “work up the courage” other than to just DO IT.

Don’t worry about technique.

Don’t worry about audio.

Don’t worry about lighting.

All that will come with time. For now, just start filming and you’ll get better and better as you go.

(And make sure to put your videos online! Some of you have been emailing your videos to me, but that SO doesn’t count.)

As always, if you need help with anything video-related or just want to give me a shout, it’s Have a great week!