I am a filmmaker and teacher. I help entrepreneurs and business leaders shoot videos efficiently so time invested is minimal, people watch and businesses grow.

I’m Wes Wages, your video guru for online video. I’m also the founder and director of Armosa Films, a video production agency that has hand-crafted videos for world-famous entrepreneurs such as Billy Reid, Marie Forleo, and Chris Guillebeau. Along with my wife Tera and our daughter Olive, I travel the world and document stories along the way including events like The World Domination Summit,  Pioneer Nation and RHH Live.

I created WesWages.com to transmit the knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to craft excellent videos for yourself and your business. Here’s what I’ve learned: if you can tell stories in an evocative, compelling way, the future is yours. Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from reaching for your dream; instead, share your story and see just how far your story can take you.

I have to let you know that I’m full of awkward jokes and I don’t mind if you even laugh, I’ll think it’s funny. My favorite dance groove is Firework by Katie Perry but don’t ask me to sing. I love cruising around our small southern town of Florence, AL in a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser, a truck I’ve wanted since I was a little boy (although I’ve always been pretty big).

My favorite city in the world is Salzburg, Austria. A wiener-schnitzel and cold Die Weiss beer complete my meal of choice.

Travelling has changed the way I see life, having visited over 32 countries I believe it’s one of the best educational tools. My life is constantly changing and evolving. I use my camera not to just capture a moment, but to capture change happening and words being exchanged and I’m excited to be able to share that with you now!

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