3 Free Ways to Backup Your Photos and Videos

3 Free Ways to Backup Your Photos and Videos

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m super passionate about backing up data.

Seriously, think about it: what would you do if your phone was destroyed today? Let’s say you’re in the bathroom (because let’s be real), scrolling through this blog post, when–plop–you drop your iPhone into the toilet. Would you lose all your photos and videos?

Your memories are the most important things stored on your phone, hands-down. If the thought of losing the pictures you took at that big conference last year or the video of little Ashley’s dance recital makes you freak out a little on the inside, I’ve got some great solutions for you. Plus, they’re free! (Can it get any better than that?)

Check out the video below to learn more:

Google Photos is my favorite free service where you can backup your photos and videos through your Gmail account. You can download the app from the App Store and use it for your phone or computer. I don’t recommend paying extra for the high-res service–780p works just fine. This is my absolute favorite backup option, and I use it for all my pictures and video clips.

Another great free option is the backup service for Amazon Prime members. There’s a free (but limited) Cloud storage service available, and for a fairly nominal fee (especially for what you’ll be getting), you can upgrade to an unlimited plan with Amazon Drive. The free plan offers unlimited photo storage and limited space for videos, while the unlimited plan allows you to back up not only photos and videos, but other files as well.

Dropbox is also a great storage option. It’s especially great for storing and sharing larger files with friends and family, but does cost a small fee.

Another quick tip…I highly recommend using more than one backup service to protect your stuff. If the worst happens and your phone does end up in that toilet, your memories will be safe.

Want some help learning how to download, install and setup Google Photos on your phone? I’ve made a little video so you can see exactly what to do. Sign up below to get it and make sure your photos and videos are SAFE!!!

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  • Robin Wade

    Hey Wes! Photo backup and management has probably been my biggest “issue” or roadblock for years. It’s been getting better, but I’m not quite there yet. I use Amazon Prime for photos, I currently use Dropbox, primarily for files. For Video, Apple Photos backup system is good, but not free if i use it much. The most recent has been GoPro’s app that’s pretty slick. Again, not free, I’m on a two month free trial currently. Been wondering about Google Photos. Funny that the one I haven’t tried is the one I probably should have been using. Much thanks for your continued awesome/generous work for wanna b photographers, as well as the community.

    • Wes Wages

      Glad it helped Robin! Keep it up and I’ll have to research GoPro’s app!

  • Susanne G

    Hi Wes! Thanks for sharing these great videos! Would you also recommend Google Photos for me taking a lot of (RAW) high-res still photos? Or do you know which solutions are the best and cheapest for backing up great volumes of RAW photos?

    • Wes Wages

      Hey Susanne!
      Yeah you could use Google Photos for Backing Up RAW files, but you’ll have to pay for that… Also check out Amazon Drive – I use that for backing up our high res videos and photos, more for Professionals than Consumers. Hope that helps!