An interview with Whitney English.

Whitney recently filmed her entire course in one week at our course studio in Alabama.
Watch the video and check out the Behind the Scenes photo below.

I know that not everyone has time to film their own courses… geeze I had a ton of help and it was tough filming my first course. So that’s why we’ve created an environment where we can shoot a course in a week!

Here’s what happens…   You create or reuse your content for your course. You fly to Alabama (it’s not so bad!). We put you up in a hotel where you can concentrate on the week ahead, and maybe buy you a drink?! Then, walk into a set that is ready for you, completely designed to your brand and hair and makeup waiting. We focus on filming, editing, and making your online course top of the line and ready for you to put out into the world. Now you have a highly profitable product that you can launch again and again.

To make sure we’ve met, I’m Wes and my wife and I founded Armosa Films, a video production agency that has hand-crafted videos for world-famous entrepreneurs such as Billy Reid, Marie Forleo, and Chris Guillebeau. Along with my wife Tera, and our children Olive and Walter, we’ve traveled the world to document stories along the way including events like The World Domination Summit,  Pioneer Nation and RHH Live.

I created to transmit the knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to craft excellent videos for yourself and your business – and I’m super excited to be able to offer this service! Here’s what I’ve learned: if you can tell stories in an evocative, compelling way, the future is yours. Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from reaching for your dream; instead, share your story and see just how far it can take you.

Look forward to chatting!


WhitneyEnglish BTS

Check out some Behind the Scenes photos of our shoot with Whitney.


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