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I’m Wes… You’ll hear that a lot on this site, because
I’m not sure what else to start with :/  I’m a storyteller and entrepreneur and live in the great state of Alabama with my wife and 2 kiddos! I’d love to hear your story – so let’s connect!

The Latest from the Blog
  • This week I’m continuing the Should I Buy It? series with some info on green screens. They’re pretty cool, right? The entertainment industry has done some amazing things with green (and blue!) screens, and since it’s easy to get your hands on one, maybe you’re......

  • Let’s face it: the world of filmmaking is filled with a ton of gear people are selling to make money (and some of it brings in big bucks). A lot of it is stuff you really don’t need. But the pieces of gear you do......

  • Background music is a fantastic way to convey your message and set the tone for your video…if you do it right. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to successfully apply background music to your videos. There are lots of factors to take into account and decisions......


as well as updates and special info growing an audieince with video!

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