I’m Wes… You’ll hear that a lot on this site, because
I’m not sure what else to start with :/  I’m a storyteller and entrepreneur and live in the great state of Alabama with my wife and 2 kiddos! I’d love to hear your story – so let’s connect!

The Latest from the Blog
  • So you know you want to shoot a video for your business. You’re itching to post it on Facebook or YouTube, and see what kind of traction it gets. Maybe you’ve got the equipment you need (your smartphone is really all you need, but if......

  • Drones are a really awesome tool for getting breathtaking aerial video. They’ve been a game changer for filmmakers worldwide, giving them the ability to capture an incredible range of footage and images. They have changed the scope of story in film, and it has been......

  • Stabilizers are something people ask me about on a regular basis. Right up front, let me just say: stabilizers are absolutely awesome! They can make an amateur filmmaker look professional in a heartbeat…and that’s what all of us want when we’re starting out, right? In......


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