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I’m Wes… You’ll hear that a lot on this site, because
I’m not sure what else to start with :/  I’m a storyteller and entrepreneur and live in the great state of Alabama with my wife and 2 kiddos! I’d love to hear your story – so let’s connect!

The Latest from the Blog
  • Over the past few months, I’ve focused my blog posts on how to create great videos for your business using just your smartphone and essential pieces of gear you can get on a shoestring budget. The videos I post here are created in the exact......

  • How do you put yourself, your story, and your message out into the world? How do you handle the anxiety of pushing that record button, knowing that you’re presenting yourself, along with all your “stuff”, to (potentially) thousands of people? Pretty uncomfortable, right? Getting the......

  • Wes here. This week I made a little video with some tips on how to prep your smartphone’s camera for filming. We’ve all been there: you have some great content that you’re ready to shoot, but you keep running into issues with your phone–like notifications......


as well as updates and special info growing an audieince with video!

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